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Who is Suitable For Permanent Micropigmentation Eyebrows And Permanent Make up?

  1. People Who Play Sports

  2. Have allergies to normal cosmetic make up

  3. Can't physically apply make up

  4. Allopecia sufferers

  5. Overplucked their eyebrows

  6. Want to look good all day

  7. Havn't the time to apply make up in the mornings

  8. Has poor eyesight


Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

For Eyebrows, lips and Eyeliner


Natural Hair Stroke Brows

Price £250 includes one top up  / Correction 4-6 weeks after.

additional Correction from £40.

Annual colour boost 

£175 for returning clients.

Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours

Powder / Ombre Brows

Price £250 includes top up / correction 4-6 weeks after first treatment.

Additional further colour correction 4-6 weeks after £50 if needed.

Annual colour boost £175 for returning clients.

Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours

Combination Brows

Hair strokes and powder

Price £250 includes top up / correction 4-6 weeks after

Additional retouch / colour correction after £50 if needed.

12 months annual colour boost £175 for returning clients.

Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours

Permanent Lip Full Colour

Price £250

Includes re touch 4-6 weeks after 

Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours

Annual Colour boost on quotation

Lip Liner With Lip Blush.

This lip colour has an ombre - colour fade finish

£245 Includes re touch 4-6 weeks After

Time duration 2.5 hours.

Annual colour boost on quotation

Permanent Eyeliner Lash Enhancement

A thin 'eyeliner' is implanted along the lash line for those who want more of a natural and subtle look. This gives the lashes more  enhancement.

Top lid £150 includes top up 4-6 weeks after.

Top and bottom £250

Time duration 2.5 hours

Classic Eyeliner

Top / Bottom lid £150

Both £250

Time duration 2.5 hours

Latino Flick Eyeliner £175

Includes retouch 4-6 weeks after

Add bottom lid togther for £250

Colour correcting Previous Microblading / PMU Brows

This is classed as a new procedure and is not a ' top up'

I will be correcting the shape & colour of somebody else's work.

Price is £250 which includes top up / correction 4-6 weeks after..

Any additional work needed is £50

Aquarelle Lips

Has a sharp border along the lips line, we can correct uneven lip shape. Has a slight ombre effect with pixelated colour.


Includes retouch

Shaded Eyebrows

Have an ombre look with the outer borders looking like a dusting of brow powder when healed.

£250 includes retouch

Shaded Eyeliner with Eyeshadow

Have a latino flick in black and then have a shaded eyeshdow in the corner of your eyelid in Grey, brown or even mauve!


Includes retouch

Soft Shaded Powder Brow £250 Includes retouch

Smoky Eyeliner with flick £160

includes retouch

 Colour Boosts & Retouches  For returning and existing clients.

New clients who have had pmu elsewhere, a consulation is required before a quote is given.

6 -9months £75

12 months £100- 3150

18 Months £200

24 months £250- New Proccedure

Billion Dollar Brows £30

Not ready por permanent cosmetic brows? then this brow treatment may be an option for you!
This seven step procedure includes realigning the brows, tinting, waxing and finishing off with brow make up, you will be surprised how much we can create with what brows you have!
* Please note patch test is required *


Caroline Day Permanent Cosmetics